A convenient search feature directly affects the sales of your online store and convinces users to return. If you have an extensive product range, a barebones set of filters won’t do. This situation calls for more effective tools, and SearchBooster has just the solution for you. Most importantly, all these tools are included in every rate.

Auto suggestions

Autofill is a must, if you want to make your search easy. It helps users save time and find the exact words for a proper query. Website visitors often are oblivious as to the exact name of the product, or aren’t aware that there are several variants of the same product. For example, when searching for iPhone 11, the user may find such autofill options as “Pro” or “Pro Max”; these inform them about the available product options.

What other pros about autofill are there? You can manage these suggestions by tapping up relevant products you plan to promote there. You can also limit the number of results displayed in the suggestions. If there are too many, users can either ignore the suggestions altogether, or spend a lot of time checking them out, which will hinder the search process.

Another tip: personalize autofill You may suggest results based on the user’s current location, as well as display their search history and similar/relevant search queries.

Managing search results

SearchBooster can help you influence the search results page. E.g., it can help you promote the relevant content for business-critical queries or to boost sales of certain products. You can adjust the ranking of search results by certain keywords, directing visitors to the results including the most popular queries. You can also shape the search results after the seasonality of goods, current promotions, and other offers.

Another useful feature is direct clickthrough. Sometimes, the user knows what they want to find in the store, and enters the exact query. In this case, the search will direct him straight to the relevant product page. This way, you can cut down the path to purchase.


Search localization gives users specific results, based on their location. This feature is especially useful if the prices in your online store, the availability of goods, and delivery conditions differ.

Why is geolocation important? Users are accustomed to Yandex and Google giving them results depending on their location. Moreover, users are increasingly making purchases from their mobile devices. In this case, automatic region detection makes the process so much more convenient, as users will immediately be given access to up-to-date information.

Now, if your project has a different product range and prices for different regions, this feature is simply irreplaceable.

Dynamic filters

If you have a vast product range, then the search can take a long time, even if the customer knows exactly what they want. Hundreds of query results pop up in search results in major online stores. This is where dynamic filters really come in handy. Their help guides users so they do not get lost in the search results.

How it works: The user enters a query and clicks the search button. After the results are fetched, filters appear; the user can employ them to narrow down the search results (for example, by selecting the desired color, brand, or price range).

Filters are product feature-based, so the user gets specific, relevant parameters for filtering their results page (for example, in the case of a dress, it will be “size,” “color,” “material,” and so on; for a TV, it will be “screen size,” “resolution,” “screen type,” and so on).

Visitors who search your website are more likely to bring you a conversion. Dynamic filters make finding what they are after so much easier.

If you’ve already got all these features running in your online store, great! If not, you can easily add them with SearchBooster. Our service will make searching and buying goods on your website as convenient as possible for the users. You can evaluate all SearchBooster features during a free 14-day trial.

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