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Synonyms Management
Unlike standard online store management modules, we offer an easy-to-use synonym management system. Now you can customize your list of synonyms in just a few minutes to suit your target audience!
Price and Property Filter
SearchBooster automatically determines parameter types within each category and displays them at the right time so that users can select the best product directly on the search result page!
Search hints
SearchBooster algorithms automatically display the most relevant hints for each user, making the search process much easier.
Fixing Incorrect Keyboard Layout
Oftentimes, users start entering their search query without first checking the keyboard layout. We took it into account and made it so that users find exactly what they are looking for!
Spelling Correction
Automatic search query spelling correction boosts the conversion of mobile device searches.
Product Code Search
As some users prefer searching by product code, we have developed a module to help them do just that.
Technical features of the service
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Use Any Device
A lot of users shop online via mobile devices, so we made SearchBooster responsive and user-friendly to ensure the best mobile experience.
Enjoy Intuitive Interface
The control panel is intuitive and easy-to-use. You can connect a project and start testing in a matter of minutes.
Regional Support
If online stores ship to various regions or countries, they may want to display different products and prices depending on location. Taking this into account, we offer custom feeds and support numerous regions.
Server Quick Response
We understand that you want a product that works fast without compromising quality. To make your searches as quick and reliable as possible we’ve set up backup servers all around the world.
We log all user searches and memorize which products they liked the best. This way, we can perfect our search algorithm to recommend products in case a user fails to find any products on the website using certain filters.
API Support
It is now possible to use API to integrate SearchBooster directly into your mobile app.
Or, you can connect it directly to you CMS with no need for JavaScript integration.
Image Optimization
Images in feeds often have the highest possible resolution, which can make searches much slower, especially via mobile devices.
We download all images, reduce the file size and display optimized images to users so that pages load faster.
Dynamic Filters (DF)
When users enter search queries, SearchBooster automatically generates and suggests relevant filters. Dynamic filters improve search quality and usability boosting the website conversion rate.
2 steps to install SearchBooster on your site
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Data Feed
Link your YML file feed
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Price Plans
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For a small store
50 USD
  • Free setup
  • Up to 12,000 items
  • Up to 3,000 searches per day
  • Once a day update
  • Email support
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For a market leader
> 350 USD
  • Free setup
  • There is no restriction on goods
  • Search without limits
Real-time update
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • API integration
  • Multilingual
  • Custom Algorithm Setting
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