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Synonyms Management
Unlike standard online store management modules, we offer an easy-to-use synonym management system. Now you can customize your list of synonyms in just a few minutes to suit your target audience!
Price and Property Filter
SearchBooster automatically determines parameter types within each category and displays them at the right time so that users can select the best product directly on the search result page!
Search hints
SearchBooster algorithms automatically display the most relevant hints for each user, making the search process much easier.
Fixing Incorrect Keyboard Layout
Oftentimes, users start entering their search query without first checking the keyboard layout. We took it into account and made it so that users find exactly what they are looking for!
Spelling Correction
Automatic search query spelling correction boosts the conversion of mobile device searches.
Product Code Search
As some users prefer searching by product code, we have developed a module to help them do just that.
Technical features of the service
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Work on any device
A large proportion of visitors to online shopping sites account for mobile devices. Therefore, we have made SearchBooster responsive and user-friendly on mobile devices.
Use intuitive interface
The administrative panel of the service is intuitive and understandable. It will take you just a few minutes to connect your project and start testing.
Regional support
Online stores that sell products in several regions / countries show users various products and prices. For this reason, we have provided the ability to add individual feeds and have supported many regions.
Server quick response
We understand that the speed of the search, along with its quality, is one of the most important factors in choosing a product. For this reason, we resorted to duplication of infrastructure on servers located around the world. This solution allows you to quickly display search results.
We log all user searches with a record of information about which product aroused the greatest interest. This allows us to improve our search algorithm and use the recommended logic for displaying the product in the event that the user has specified filtering parameters that do not correspond to any of the offers located on your site.
API support
It is now possible to integrate SearchBooster directly into your mobile application by API.
Or you can make direct integration into your CMS bypassing integration through JS.
Image Optimization
Pictures in feeds often have the highest resolution, and using them in the feeds significantly slows down the search, especially when using mobile devices.
We download the required images, convert them to the required format and give them to the user already optimized, significantly speeding up the search.
Dynamic filters (DF)
When entering search queries, SearchBooster automatically generates and displays filters on the user's screen, through which the user can filter products by the properties he needs.
Dynamic filters help to significantly improve the quality and usability of search and increase site conversion.
2 steps to install SearchBooster on your site
The installation process is simple, just one, two, three!
Data feed
Provide a link to your YML file feed
Paste our JavaScript code in the html pages of your site or publish via GTM
Tariff Plans
Each user is given a free 14-day trial period!
For a small store
50 USD
  • Free setup
  • Up to 12,000 items
  • Up to 3,000 searches per day
  • Once a day update
  • Email support
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For a market leader
> 350 USD
  • Free setup
  • There is no restriction on goods
  • Search without limits
Real-time update
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • API integration
  • Multilingual
  • Custom Algorithm Setting
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