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Synonym Management

Create a search engine that works for your customers with our intuitive synonymous management. Our easy-to-use system allows you to effortlessly customize your list of synonyms in a few minutes. Make search simple for your customers, with SearchBooster.

Synonym Management

Is It Time to Replace Your Internal Search?


Is your internal search producing the results you want? Or could you benefit from an increase in conversions? What if you could easily replace the internal search component of your site management system with a better solution?

SearchBooster provides your online site with:

  • Improved Search Cues
  • Detailed Search Statistics
  • API for Mobile Applications


Reinvent your internal search with a better, new and improved, version of your site’s search. Fully customizable and uniquely designed to fit your website, our tool does everything you need it to and delivers more comprehensive results in a single application.

Option to search products by image

This feature allows your users to upload a photo from their device for use as a search query, specify a link to an image, or simply snap a photo of what they want to find.
The user can also highlight the desired element in the photo.

30% Increase in Conversions
Increase your conversions by 30% or more just by implementing our search solution. Could your site benefit from a third more conversions than it currently secures?
Customizable Look & Feel
SearchBooster can be completely customized to fit your business. No awkward design or difficult learning curve. Just a turnkey solution that gets the results you want.
Low-Cost Solution
SearchBooster offers everything you need to build a stronger, more intuitive, and conversion-focused search for a lower cost.
We Take the Full Server Load
Our clients pass their server load to us for complete search operation management. You can confidently choose our solution to manage your search and get the results you want.
We log each of the user’s search queries, recording information on which product interested them most. This helps us improve our search algorithm and use suggestion logic for displaying products even if the user has set filtering parameters none of the offers on your website correspond to
Dynamic filters
When a search query is entered, SearchBooster automatically generates and displays filters the user can use to sort products by the properties they need. Dynamic filters can significantly improve search quality and usability, as well as increase your website’s conversion rate.
Image optimization
Images in feeds are often in high resolution, so using them to display results may significantly slow down the search, especially on mobile devices.

API support made it possible to integrate SearchBooster directly into your mobile app.

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