Project history

March 2020

Work on the project commences. The first plans for its functionality and features setting it apart from competitors are drawn up

April 2020

Dashboard with access limited to service customers only is released

May 2020 joins the Yandex.Cloud program and receives a grant to host its code on Yandex servers

June 2020

Dynamic filtering feature is implemented, allowing users to interact with product filters within categories

July 2020

A typo fixing control system is implemented. Service clients can now adjust the sensitivity of typo handling

August 2020

The synonyms feature is significantly expanded, helping every online store visitor find the exact products they need.
A catalog customization system is implemented, allowing clients to merge two or more catalog sections into a new one to make navigation simpler

September 2020

The option to alter the product cards’ appearance in the product output module is added

October 2020

Arbitrary ranking support is introduced. The ranking can now be managed based on a formula tied to a particular tag within the feed; alternatively, CSV files with the desired ranking can be uploaded

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