Service possibilities
Synonym management
In contrast to the standard modules of online store management systems, we offer a convenient synonymous management system. Now you can set up your own synonymous lists in minutes, so that your search meets the needs of your target audience!
Dynamic Filters (DF)
SearchBooster defines the type of parameter inside the category and displays it at the right time, so that the user can find the most suitable product right on the filter page!
When entering search queries, SearchBooster automatically generates and displays filters on the user's screen, with the help of which the user can filter products by the properties he needs.
Dynamic filters help to significantly improve the quality and usability of search and increase site conversion.
Filter management
In the administrative panel of SearchBooster you can activate your unique set of filters for each category of products, as well as select the type that best suits the parameter.

We also provide automatic selection of the filter type for large projects.
Optimize user request can fix the request itself per user.

We have included the following features:

- misprint correction

- wrong keyboard layout

- transliteration

- morphological search

Filtering by price
SearchBooster immediately displays price filtering and sorting to make it as easy as possible for your online store visitor to interact with the search module and increase conversion.
Work on any device
A large proportion of visitors to online shopping sites are mobile devices. That's why we made SearchBooster interface adaptive and convenient for users from mobile devices.
Regional support
Online stores that sell products in several regions/countries show users different products and prices. For this reason, we have made it possible to add individual feeds and have supported multiple regions.
We log all user search queries with a record of which product has generated the most interest. This allows us to improve our search algorithm and use product recommendation logic if the user has set filtering parameters that do not match any of the offers on your site.
The service API allows you to integrate SearchBooster directly into your website code and or mobile application.

This integration allows you to fully control the appearance of the application, as well as allows you to modify and adjust the ranking on the client side.

API documentation.
Image Optimization
Pictures in feeds often have the highest resolution, and using them in the feeds significantly slows down the search, especially when using mobile devices.

We download the necessary images (thus relieving the load on your servers), convert them to the required format and give them to the user already optimized, significantly speeding up the search.
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